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Best Myle Empty Pods – Pack of 4 in Dubai

The Myle from Myle Vapor is a closed (non-refillable) pod system. It’s similar to the Juul from Pax Labs, though the differences are noticeable. More of an evolution than a revolution when it comes to forming and function, use of the Myle will be instantly familiar to anyone who has used a pod-based system in the past. Myle Empty Pods is simpler than open pod systems like the Joye ATOPACK Penguin or Dolphin, there’s nothing to fill, nothing to replace; just charge and vape.

Specification & Features of Myle Empty Pod

The Myle device itself is a 420mAh battery with a three LED battery charge indicator. Three lit LED’s indicate a charge at 75% or above, two lit LEDs indicate a charge of 40% or above, and a single lit LED indicates the charge of about 9%, which is when you should charge the battery. The Myle’s pods have a 0.9ml e-liquid capacity and nicotine strength of approximately 59mg/ml and come in packs of four.

Myle Empty PodsTake your vaping experience to the next level when pairing your MYLE device with the new MYLÈ Empty Pods 4-Pack. Instead of coming pre-filled with e-liquid, these pods will come empty. You will now add any salt nicotine flavor of your choice with 240 puffs/pod (approx). Fill your favorite salt nic juice through the easy-to-use plug on the bottom of the pod and start puffing away.

Each MYLE Empty Pod will have a juice capacity of 0.9ml and arrive in packs of four. The pods have an average lifespan of 1 to 2 refills until needing to be changed out. MYLE Empty Pods are only compatible with the MYLE kit.

World-Class Performance

Now, while the form factor and functionality of the Myle, compounded by its proprietary USB charger, are reminiscent of the Juul, it’s in a performance that it distinguishes itself. Probably owing to that 60 mg/ml salt nicotine e-liquid, this thing hits hard. A short hit every fifteen minutes is about all I can handle when using the Myle.

The flavor from the Myle’s pods is also just gorgeous, particularly from the Cubano by VGOD. It’s a vivid and strong flavor that leaves me curious as to just what coils are inside these things. Vapor production is additionally impressive, particularly for a device of this type.

You get a good six hours of battery life from the 420mAh battery on the Myle, but I suspect that that’s less to do with the potency of the battery itself and more to try and do with the same efficiency of that salt-based nicotine e-liquid. I used to run a 420-ish mAh Halo G6 battery down in an hour, but I was vaping 24mg e-liquid from that. With 59mg e-liquid, I just can’t hit it that hard or that often.

Finally, the Myle is pocket-friendly, while the wide but thin battery just feels good in the hand. Ergonomically and aesthetically, the Myle is a very, very solid evolution of the closed pod system device.

But on the downside is there’s a proprietary magnetic USB charger. Honestly, this kind of charger simply needs to be done away with. If you own a laptop, it’s great; not everybody owns a laptop. Not everybody wants their vape standing up while it charges, particularly on a desk with busy hands reaching for telephones or what have you.

How Much Nicotine is in MYLE Pod?

MYLE Pods are precisely designed for the MYLE Kit. Please do not use this salt-based nicotine E-Liquid in a high output/sub-ohm system. Please Note: Each pack consists of 4 pods. Each MYLE Pod contains 0.9mL with 5% nicotine by weight (50mg), roughly comparable to 1 pack of cigarettes or about 240 puffs.

Price & Availability in Dubai

Myle Empty Pods is available in packs of four for 65 AED plus shipping from Vape Dubai. As a good looking, hard-hitting, and pocket-friendly first vape for the newly minted ex-smoker, you can’t think of anything right now that tops the Myle from Myle Vapor. It’s got everything it takes to make switching from smoking to vaping convenient and genuine pleasure, and it’s something I’ll be recommending to smokers personally.

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