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IQOS Heated Tobacco Pros & Cons

Recently, a United States Foods & Drug Administration panel voted 5–4 that Philip Morris, the manufacturer of IQOS, has not shown that “switching fully to IQOS presents less risk of damage than continuing to smoke cigarettes.” However, the same panel voted 8–0 that the following statement is true: “scientific studies have shown that switching completely from cigarettes to the IQOS system significantly reduces your body’s exposure to harmful or potentially harmful chemicals.”

Without knowing what IQOS HEETS are/is, I would probably still say yes. Smoking is just regarding the foremost toxic issue you’ll do to your body. I know that alcohol negatively affects every organ in your body and is thought to be the only consumable toxin to do so. Smoking cigarettes has to be a close second place, though, if not tied.

Smoking affects the heart, lungs, brain, and skin, and I believe it possibly affects the liver and stomach, although, as I am not a physician, I cannot say for certain. If what you are talking about is an e-cig, or vape pen, etc. I don’t think there has not been enough long-term research to know for sure yet, however, I couldn’t see it being as bad for the body as cigarette smoking.

But then again, I could be wrong, and years from now we may find out that electronic cigarettes and vape machines are far worse than smoking because of certain chemicals being introduced into the bloodstream, or even finding out that long-term vapers end up flooding their lungs with fluid. I don’t think anyone knows for certain, but we will find out.

iqos heated tobacco


There’s a lot of less independent research on heated tobacco products like IQOS than there’s on vaping, and it will still involve heating tobacco to extreme temperature and inhaling the fumes thus generated – albeit not to the level of combustion.

It’s virtually certain to be less harmful than smoking; The question is how much less and how it compares to vaping. The only honest answer to that is that nobody yet knows for sure. I know not enough about the safety of heated tobacco products compared to smoking conventional cigarettes. Consider the pros and cons below and you are the judge.


  • Barely any smell
  • Hands don’t stink
  • Nicotine seems to kick in stronger/More time passes before I get the urge to smoke again
  • HEETS are slightly cheaper than Cigarettes


  • Even though the harmful chemicals are released at lower levels in a lab setting, they’re the same ones as those in regular cigarettes and may not mean lower risks in real life.
  • Heated tobacco products can be just as harmful to your heart as regular cigarettes.
  • Non-users can be exposed to harmful substances through second-hand smoke.
  • Since heated tobacco products may not deliver nicotine and regular cigarettes, this may lead to increased use to get the same level of nicotine.
  • As a nicotine delivery device, non-smokers using heated tobacco products could get addicted to nicotine, more so than using vapes.
  • Heated tobacco products may lead to other risks, including causing fires and explosions and nicotine poisoning in children.

There are no advantages to the smoking of any kind. But if you are comparing the advantages of smoking cigarettes and using IQOS. Here are a few bellows.

  • No combustion, so no Tar.
  • Heetsticks are heated to a certain degree so Tobacco releases the nicotine and aerosol creates the vapor so it can mimic smoking.
  • No lingering smell.
  • Your face, your hair, your mouth, your office, your car, your home does not have a smell.
  • No ash.
  • It comes handy when you are driving and smoking.
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