IQOS Marlboro Heatstick Menthol

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Marlboro IQOS Cartridge

  • 1 REAM is equivalent in 10 packs
  • 1 PACK is equivalent in 20 sticks



Available in the following flavors :

Regular = Marlboro Red

Balanced Regular = Marlboro Lights

Menthol = Marlboro black menthol

Mint = Marlboro lights menthol

Smooth Regular = Marlboro Mediums

Purple Mint = Marlboro Ruby burst


HEETS AMBER = Marlboro Red

HEETS BLUE LABEL = Marlboro lights menthol

HEETS GREEN LABEL = Marlboro menthol

HEETS YELLOW = Marlboro lights

HEETS PURPLE LABEL = Marlboro Ruby burst

4 reviews for IQOS Marlboro Heatstick Menthol

  • abdul khalek

    I am really happy bought this product…

  • Shahraban Abdullah

    It’s so perfect and delicious. I highly recommend it. I will repurchase. Thank you

  • Omar

    Very good customer support…

  • abbud

    Very fast shipping excellent service. thanks, Hussain vape dubai

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