IQOS Marlboro HeatSticks MINT

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Product Description

Product Description

MINT Heatstick for e-Cigarette iQos (ICOS).
without fire, ash disappears, less odor, heating cigarette leaves.
Balanced flavor of refined tobacco.
* Dedicated iQOS holder and IQOS pocket charger are required.

Single package.
(if you need more, you can choose Carton Package (10 packages in 1Box) )


If you are not good at menthol taste, it is also recommended for those who smoke light cigarettes.
You can taste light cigarettes in menthol not too tight.

If you feel Unique scent of iQoS at the beginning.
The “mint” flavor is well balanced , easy to switch from normal tobacco.


2 reviews for IQOS Marlboro HeatSticks MINT

  • sultan

    Easy to navigate website. Quick and accurate delivery.

  • Anowar Saddat

    I’m order this product, I will expect receive product 24 hours

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