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Nasty Juice 60ML Premium E-Liquid


Premium Shake and Vape Short Fill from NASTY Juice 60 ml

of liquid 3% nicotine

PG/VG 70/30


List of Flavors:


Grape Cush Man e liquid is full of tropical taste, with a sweet mango flavour acting as the base and dark grape following closely behind. This grape is ripe tasting and has real depth, when coupled with Low Mint you’ll experience a cool and icy blend of taste.


Banana Cush Man e liquid is a sweet and rich blend of fruit taste. On inhale a ripe and ever so slightly nutty banana flavour is paired with a sweet mango; with a Low Mint exhale giving this ejuice a cool and fresh finish.


Strawberry Cush Man e liquid has a sweet fruit taste that you’ll remember. Made up of a ripe tasting strawberry flavour, blended with tropical mango and Low Mint – for a light and fresh tasting vape experience.

ASAP Grape

by Nasty Juice features a blend of Black Grapes, Mixed Berries, and Low Mint for an iced finish.

Bad Blood

by Nasty Juice contains a Blackcurrant flavour with notes of Mint, and Low Mint for an icy finish.

Devil Teeth

sty Juice contains a Honeydew Melon flavour, along with Low Mint for an icy finish.

Fat Boy

by Nasty Juice features a Mango flavour, along with Citrus notes and Low Mint for an icy finish.

Green Apple

Nasty Juice Green Ape is one of the juices in their Yummy Fruity series and is a delectable green apple candy flavor.

Slow Blow

by Nasty Juice contains a balanced blend of Pineapple, Lime, Soda, and Low Mint for an icy finish.

Trap queen

Get a whole new take on strawberry vape juice flavours with the new flavour, Trap Queen, from Nasty Juice’s new series, Yummy Fruity.

Wicked Haze

by Nasty Juice features a blend of Blackcurrants, Lemonade, and Low Mint for an icy finish.

Broski Berry

 It is an exploitation of sweet berry fruits and aniseed, sharp notes of CherryBlueberry and Raspberry on the inhale, perfectly balanced with a touch of aniseed on the exhale.

Sicko Blue

is a classic Blue Raspberry Flavor ala Nasty Juice Style, a perfect balance of sweet and tart.

 is a sweet Blueberry flavour on the inhale with an icy mint on the exhale, classic Nasty Juice style.

asap grape, bad blood, broski berry, devil teeth, green grape, mango-banana, mango-grape, mango-strawberry, sicko blue, slow blow, stargazing, trap queen, wicked haze

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